Hermes Partnership

Hermes Partnership
                                                a network of leading telecom research centres


Without doubt wireless radio transmission and networks are the pillars of today's state of the art in ICT technologies. Leading European research institutions, universities and industries strengthen their efforts in this area by cooperation via the Hermes Partnership. The partnership act as a platform for in depth scientific discussions by Hermes partners, invited guest researchers and students on invitation. Hermes Partnership members discuss research challenges and develop project ideas, however Hermes itself in not a partner in such projects.

Hermes Partnership's vision on end to end wireless communications (white paper early 2020)

Today the wireless industry is driven by key stakeholders that follow a holistic approach of “one-system-fits-all” that leads to moving network functionality of meeting stringent End-to End (E2E) communication requirements towards the core and cloud infrastructures. This trend is limiting smaller and new players for bringing in new and novel solutions. For meeting these E2E requirements, tenants and end-users need to be active players for bringing their needs and innovations. Driving E2E communication not only in terms of quality of service (QoS) but also overall carbon footprint and spectrum efficiency from one specific community may lead to undesirable simplifications and a higher level of abstraction of other network segments may lead to sub-optimal operations. Based on this, the paper presents a paradigm shift that will enlarge the role of wireless innovation at academia, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)’s, industries and start-ups while taking into account decentralized mandate-driven intelligence in E2E communications.

Horizon Europe 2021 - 2017

Currently Hermes Partners discuss project ideas ideas in relation to the new Horizon Europe Program 2021 - 2022. More information follows.


The use of wearables and body sensor devices is rapidly growing in the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, digital health, a convergence of digital techniques and health is emerging.

SmartBAN aims at a smart solution for BAN with improved and dedicated performance for medical, health improvement including sport and leisure applications further to existing BAN standards. It includes:

  • Communication and the associated physical layer ((PHY) and medium access control (MAC) layer,
  • A network layer, security, Quality of Service (QoS) and provision of generic applications and services,
  • A start network around a “smart” hub such as handset or a watch, performing the option of multi-hop relay.


SmartBAN has been started as research initiative of Hermes Partnership and is now carried out as a Technical Working Group of ETSI.