CSEM, is a private Swiss company supported partly by the Swiss Government, with a staff of 350 people engaged in applied research and development. CSEM specializes in low power design and realization of micro- and miniaturized systems (HW and SW), telecommunication, microelectronics, integrated sensors and actuators. In the field of telecommunications, CSEM is active in 3G mobile systems, broadband wireless networks, SATCOM and the development of wireless solutions tailored to customer requirements.

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The Department of Communication Engineering, DICOM, of the University of Cantabria carries out its research activities in fields related to information and communication technologies, especially in areas related to microwave circuits, radiocommunications systems, data transmission, communication networks, digital signal processing and indoor and outdoor radiowave propagation.

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IMEC, is the largest independent microelectronics R&D center in Europe, performing scientific research 3 to 10 years ahead of industrial needs. IMEC is working in the field of chip production processes, packaging, microsystems, and design technologies. For the latter topic there is a focus on integrated telecommunication terminals, including the analogue RF front-end, digital signal processing hardware and embedded protocol software. Current applications for these terminals include high-speed wireless LANs, wireless home networks and satellite communication systems.

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Telecom SudParis (previously called GET-INT) is member of  “Groupe des Ecoles des Télécommunications” (trademark is Institut Telecom), a federation of prestigious French graduate research and education centres in telecommunications known as “Grandes Ecoles”. The members are: Telecom SudParis, Telecom Paris Tech, Telecom Bretagne, Telecom Ecole de Management, Télécom Lille 1 and the Eurecom Institute. The group relies on 550 full-time Faculty to educate around 4600 students and to train scientists including an average of 600 graduate students. Telecom SudParis research activities span all areas related to telecommunications and computer networks. Relevant activities for Hermes include: a) wireless, fixed and broadband networks, b) service architectures, c) computer science with emphasis on systems, middleware and software, d) multimedia content and applications, e) security, f) signal and systems engineering, g) advanced communications systems grounded on multidimensional diversity, h) image processing and pattern recognition, i) performance evaluation, traffic engineering and combinatorial optimisation and j) formal description and modeling for testing and validating protocols, services and applications. Telecom SudParis scientists are involved in national and EU projects such as FP7 4WARD and Mobesens. We actively partake in the Eureka program through ITEA2 and Celtic projects such as Expeshare, CAM4Home, Servery, SUMO, S4All and NUADU. Institut Telecom has been actively involved in FP6 and 7 NoEs such as NewCom, EuroNGI, e-Photon-one, ProLearn, Biosecure and is currently leading the FP7 NoE EuroNF on the network of the Future.

Kassel Univ


The University of Kassel is located in the center of Germany with more than 18.000 students in engineering, natural sciences, math, as well as humanities, social sciences and arts.

The Communications Laboratory (ComLab) deals with different aspects in the lower OSI layers of wireless/wired communication systems including cooperative diversity and distributed/standard MIMO schemes, heterogeneous wireless systems, statistical signal processing and short-range radio.

The chair for Communication Technology (ComTec) targets higher layers with the vision of wireless internet and pervasive computing. The main emphasis is on innovative applications including context awareness, personalization, service creation, WEB2.0 and service architectures.

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Radiall is an interconnect components specialist, establised in 1952. The company foscuses on technology for enabling new developments in Radio High Frequency Components, Radar, Fiber Optics and Multipin Interconnect Solutions. Radiall anticipates strongly to 4G and advanced 5G technological needs, in particular 5G Connection technologies.
To act as state of the art partner in enabling technology and components Radiall cooperates with R&D partners.

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Imperial College

United Kingdom

Imperial College London is a world renowned technological university with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research. It has 6,000 staff and 11,500 students of the highest international quality, and was ranked as the world's 6th best university in the 2008 Times Higher Education Supplement University Rankings. Imperial is represented in Hermes by members of the Optical & Semiconductor Devices Group and the Control & Power Research Group within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. These Groups bring expertise in energy harvesting for wireless devices, and in power processing electronics for energy harvesters. They also have research activities in control theory, MEMS and nanotechnology.