Hermes Partnership Privacy Statement

Purpose of the Support Foundation Hermes Partnership

  • The Support Foundation Hermes Partnership is established to support the actions of the Hermes Partnership which is a group of scientific researchers belonging to different European organizations active in wireless communications in a broad area.
  • Hermes Partnership members contribute on annual basis to the Support Foundation Hermes Partnership by paying an annual fee.
  • The support Foundation Hermes Partnership supports the activities of Hermes Partnership by organizing seminars, workshops and initial actions for drafting research projects.

  • The Support Foundation stores the following privacy related information:
  • Stored at the -not on line- computer: official and legal name of organizations who are member of Hermes Partnership, contact persons at the partners, addresses and contact coordinates such as email and phone number.
  • At the website the names of organizations who are Hermes Partner are put public, not the names of persons.
  • In the member area the names of contact persons and contact information have been stored. This information is only accessible via a password which will be provided to Hermes Partnership members.
  • At the -not online- computer of the Hermes Partnership: names and contact information of persons who showed interest in Hermes Partnership are stored. This information is exclusive accessible by the Hermes Partnership coordinator.
  • Occasionally Hermes Partnership informs organizations/ persons who showed previously interest in Hermes Partnership via a mail with specific information such as newsletters, information on events, etc. We have a list of such contacts, which is exclusively accessable by the coordinator.
  • In all mails we send to non-Hermes Partnership members we mention how to be deleted from these mailing lists. Further we mention the possibility to be informed on all information regarding the specific contact stored on the Hermes computer system.

Privacy aspects in relation to administrative and financial support

  • For administrative purposes the Support Foundation Hermes Partnership makes use of a professional financial support organization (external financial auditor/ accountant). This external accountant does not receive any personal information on Hermes Partnership Members or Hermes Partnership contacts.
  • For auditing purposes the Support Foundation Hermes partnership provides the external accountant copies of invoices, messages on finances, etc., which can contain personal information. This information may not be stored at the premises of the external auditor.
  • The external accountant is tasked with salary accounting, tax settlements, annual audit, etc., which can include personal information. Persons subject of this are informed about that.
  • The Support Foundation Hermes partnership agreed with the external accountant agreement regarding privacy aspects and privacy principles of working. This agreement is based on the relevant national and European Laws.